Caccamo Lake: what to do

by Racconti di Marche
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Caccamo Lake is an artificial lake in the Macerata interland that offers many things to do especially in the beautiful spring and summer days as sports, relax and shopping.

Caccamo Lake, or Pievefavera or Borgiano lake (each villages overlooking on it call the lake by its name but is known to most people as Caccamo), is located in the municipality of Serrapetrona in Macerata. Created in 1954 by the damming of the river Chienti to produce electricity, can be seen along the highway that leads Civitanova Marche to Camerino.

caccamo_lakeThe activities that you can play on Caccamo Lake are numerous: fishing, boating, for the more adventurous even swimming. The water is clean but cause to the muddy bottom is not very pleasant to put the feet there.

You can also camping and make barbecue. On the opposite bank to the highway there is a restaurant that you can not miss. It’s called Valleverde and it offers food (grilled meats, cheeses and wonderful salami), a place for playing boules (bring you the little ball that one is always missing!), a small area with toy cars for childrenItalian balilla soccer and other games, and there is also small beach.

You can bring your lunch from home (just pay 1 euro o little more for person for the table), cook it in the many barbecue available, or order directly to the restaurant which as I said will not leave you disappointed.

The Lake Caccamo is also interesting for the shopping: every Sunday there is a large market that attracts visitors from all over the province of Macerat .
In short, Caccamo lake is a great alternative to the crowded summer beaches.

caccamo lake map

How to arrive to Caccamo Lake: just take the highway Civitanova Marche – Camerino.

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