Frasassi Caves: the amazing journey inside the earth

by Racconti di Marche
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The Frasassi Caves are one biggest natural caves in the world and for sure one the most beautiful.

The Frasassi Caves were discovered in 1971 by some young and brave members of The Ancona CAI. They found a little hole on the mountain and following a narrow tunnel the discovers a natural cave, so big that it can contain the Milan cathedral!


The Frasassi Caves are not only huge, there are beautiful! Concretions are white, there are made by calcium carbonate; and its shapes very smashing.I’ve been there a lot of times and every time is an unic emotion because you can admire the masterpiece made by as the patient work of water, in more than thousand of years and discover a new shape.


The visit to the Frasassi caves.

The tour takes more then one hour. Every body can do it. The temperature inside is always the same: 14 degrees, and the humidity very hight! Is better to wear comfortable shoes, also because you have to walk a lot.

There are Five room to discover. The first one is the biggest: the Abisso Ancona 180 m. long, 120 m. large and 200 m. high.

During the tour you can admire very curious shapes: bears, little Niagara fall, ham, giants. But the nicest room is the little candles room, with romantic little lakes.


The Speleological tour


Printa per lo speleo Tour. Mi dona la tuta?

Pronta per lo speleo Tour. Mi dona la tuta?


If you love adventure there are a special way to discover the Frasassi caves: the speleological tour. You will dress a special overalls, an helmett and a pair of rubber boots, and two routes. The blu one, easier (I made it twice) and the red one for expert. If you are not claustrophobic you can do the red route without any problems.

The Frasassi Caves are opened all the year. They are closed only few weeks in January.

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